Our Services

At ADJUST we do one thing, and do it well - chiropractic! We are very specific in our approach to health, and pride ourselves in providing the highest quality chiropractic care. While we are highly trained in other modalities such as nutrition and physical therapy, we choose to focus our energies on our core passion and expertise. The reason behind this is science tells us the nervous system controls and coordinates every other system in the body. You can eat all the right foods, but if there is nerve interference to your digestive tract your body won't be able to digest the food properly. As neurologically-based chiropractors we focus on locating and correcting nerve interference in the body so all the other body systems comply and function optimally.

NOTE: As strong advocates of the holistic lifestyle, we believe other modalities (aromatherapy, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, exercise, nutrition, etc.) are important to overall health so we have developed a network of trusted and respected holistic doctors and professionals that we refer patients to upon request.