Chiropractic Testimonials

"Wonderful staff and my pain issues have improved significantly."

- Wanda L.

"I cannot say enough great things about this office. The entire staff are extremely friendly, helpful and professional."

- Joan C.

"Went in for my first consultation and left feeling hopeful. The whole team is wonderful. They really take the time to educate you and come up with the best treatment plan based on your needs. Their kindness goes beyond the office. They reached out to me to get me an appointment , and went above and beyond to make it happen."

- Stefanie L.

"Great office! Great staff! Great Doc!"

- Robert M.

"definitely !! the best chiropractor's!!"

- Joe M.

"I have had chronic pain for over 30 years. Nothing that I had tried previously had worked to relieve that pain. I also have problems walking. I was resigned to the fact that I would be in a wheelchair fairly soon and I’m only 55. Then my daughter and I discovered Adjust Chiropractic. I was skeptical at first that this would help me. But being out of other options decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did!!! After only a few weeks of adjustments I was feeling less pain, walking better, sleeping better and even breathing easier!! I would recommend Adjust Chiropractic to everyone who wants a healthier, happier life!! Drs. Marissa and Jason are just the best and their staff is fantastic!!"

- Mary Jo K.

"Started couple of weeks ago due to back & neck pain. Initial assessment is very thorough and unveiled the problems I have in neck and lower back. After some adjustments I started feeling improvements. They are extremely professional and flexible and provide valuable information."

- Eli B.

"Today I had my initial consultation and it was Not your typical chiropractic experience. It was 100 times better!!! I really liked how structured and knowledgeable the staff is. I learned about the nervous system, subluxations and how it relates to your daily activities. There are No surprises bc they explain everything before they do it, so there’s no anxiety you sometimes feel when you try something different. I just wanted to express my thanks to Adjust Chiropractic for how well they treated me and for how much better my life will be bc of them."

- Yvette P.

"Amazing Drs with great personality that really care about "whole" health and you as a person!"

- Shauna C.

"Thank you so much Mandy, Dr.Jason and Dr. Marissa for the exceptional service. Great culture and impeccable facility. I am blown away by this offices hospitality and level of knowledge and professionalism. Would recommend to anyone who has even minimal discomfort as they take the time to thoroughly educate you on and explain your treatment plan. Never thought I’d be this excited to see a healthcare professional. Keep up the good work guys!"

- Erik M.

"Caring and knowledgeable Doctors. They are so kind and giving of their time, and truly want to do the best for patients."

- Jerry A.

"It has just been a couple of weeks since I started getting adjustments. I feel more alert, my digestion is better and I feel really hopeful that I can improve my health. I love seeing Dr Marissa, Dr Jason and the staff when I go in. They are a happiness boost!"

- Nancy C.

"Drs. Marissa and Jason provided me an excellent consult on my lower back pain. As an athlete, the last thing you need is downtime. They helped me with immediate care and prescriptive therapy which got me back on my bike and running quickly. Thanks you two!!!

Plus, they are very good people. You can tell they care."

- Randy K.

"Dr. Marissa has helped me greatly during my second pregnancy. I am able to sit, stand and even sleep better since starting my sessions."

- Jenet P.

"Absolutely great doctors who love serving their community and willing to go above and beyond for the well being of their patients."

- Morgan R.

"Drs Jason and Marissa are such generous and dedicated people, you've come to a wonderful place!"

- Jessica G.

"Outstanding facility, team and results. I highly recommend the services at Adjust for you and your entire family!!"

- Michael V.

"I cannot say enough great things about this office. You will receive amazing and state of the art care along with top notch service!"

- Erik B.

"This office really took their time with me and really made my issue their priority! I'm truly glad I found an office with doctors that are passionate about me and my health!!!"

- Christopher A.

"Drs Marissa & Jay are phenomenal chiropractors with a spirit of excellence and a try desire to see their community healthier!"

- Jeremy H.

"East Hanover, youse guys should feel blessed! One of my favorite power couples, Dr. Jason and Dr. Marissa, are changing lives at Adjust Health Center. The love that they share, with each other, will be seen in the way the love on their patients. Wish my family lived closer to them."

- Geno B.

"Hello people !! Are you in pain ?? When was the last time you got it checked ? If u got it fixed why are you still in pain ?? Think !!

All summer I ride my motorcycle, run OCRs (obstacle course races) & 5k’s etc. and in winter I turn to a kickboxing fanatic and an ardent weight trainer. No wonder I hurt my low back 3 times in 2 years.

This time I came to see Dr. Jason and Dr. Marisa and got my back fixed few months ago and it was perfect fix. How perfect ?? After that I’ve successfully completed my spartan races Sprint, Super & Beast without any discomfort during or after the race and without any flare-ups later on.

How is that possible ?? Dr. Jason and Dr. Marisa are knowledgeable and passionate in what they do. They start with an initial nerve assessment and physical exam on your first visit to diagnose and go over the reasons behind your pain very practically. In my case it was my hip that was out of alignment and not a bulging disc or sciatica as I thought. Then we sign up for adjustments (care plan) and the healing begins. In just a couple of visits you can see the pain fade away. Then it’s all about regular maintenance and letting the body heal on its own.

Doctors are very friendly and they even took care of me before after every OCR race to make sure I’m in no discomfort and zero pain. Very friendly staff, the place is well equipped and it’s is a family-friendly facility.

I am well adjusted - are you? Just give it a try, schedule a nerve assessment at ADJUST today. Happy healing!"

- Narendran N.

"Getting the results I wanted."

- Michael D.


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