About Dr. Jason

Jason Abaza, D.C.

Dr. Jason Abaza was born and raised in East Hanover, New Jersey. His father was a well-known coach within the East Hanover soccer program, so naturally, under his fathers tutelage, Dr. Jason gravitated towards the sport which inspired one of the many of the quality traits that make up the man he is today - leadership.


Dr. Jason graduated with Honors from Hanover Park High School in 2010 and was awarded a scholarship for leadership which afforded him an opportunity to pursue a doctorate degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia which is world-renowned for its chiropractic program. Life University is also where he would eventually meet his best friend and fiancée, Dr. Marissa


In 2017, Dr. Jason graduated with his doctorate in chiropractic and moved back home to East Hanover with a burning desire to serve families in New Jersey with an all natural, drug-free approach centered on neurologically-based chiropractic care. 


"A leader isn't always the one to get the credit or even be given the title of leader. A leader is someone who stands behind the pack and is able to inspire others while sacrificing his/her own wants for the greater good of others." -Dr. Jason Abaza