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"How are you different?" is a question we get regularly. The BIG difference that we pride ourselves on is the education we provide. Oftentimes, healthcare providers aren't spending adequate time with their patients which leaves many questions unanswered and ultimately leads to health decisions made out of pressure and fear.

The word "doctor" is derived from a Latin word meaning "to teach." As doctors of chiropractic in Rockaway, we feel it is our responsibility to teach individuals about health and wellness, and we take this responsibility very seriously. During the first couple visits we dedicate over an hour with each person to understand their health issue(s), as well as teach them about true health & healing, the nervous system and its relationship to the spine, how to read their own x-rays, and more BEFORE they ever receive an adjustment. We do this because knowledge helps with the healing process, and so you can make CONSCIOUS and INFORMED decisions regarding your health.

At ADJUST, we are committed to providing our patients and community with the most current research and information available. We ensure information is always readily accessible to you and the entire community in various forms: books, health magazines, research article, social media, our website, support groups, lunch & learns, community health screenings, testimonials, and more!

Lending Library in Rockaway

A small collection of books are available for our patients to borrow. These books have proven to be valuable resources to the doctors at ADJUST, and we hope they, too, can enrich your lives. The staff at ADJUST is always happy to recommend books, too!

North Jersey Holistic Lifestyle Group

Access resources and communicate health topics, connect with like-minded people, share parenting tips, and much more on this Facebook group. This group is also a Pathways Connect Group and meets the last Tuesday of every month. For more information on this program, click HERE.

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Our presence on social media allows us the opportunity to connect with you and share relevant material on a variety of health issues and topics. Be sure to like us and follow us on our Facebook Page and Instagram to gain access to enlightening and thought-provoking articles, videos, and more.

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